We still celebrate Waylon and Willie and the others because of the powerful music they delivered onstage, not for what they did offstage. Their songs are as appealing and inspiring as the day they were released. Will the same be said about most of today’s songs 20 years from now?

Luke Bryan

Quantity trumps Quality in Country Music

Outlaws Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings

First it was country music purists vs. Florida Georgia Line. Recently it was Luke Bryan vs. Outlaw Country. Or maybe it began with Outlaw fans dissing Bryan. And then, of course, it’s been the supporters of female artists vs. the country radio programmers who rarely play songs by solo female artists.

The criticism and barbs have been flying back and forth on social media, such as a meme of Waylon Jennings saying, “Luke Bryan? Never heard of her.” While it makes for sensational copy and a fun read, these fragmented and often-personal barbs shift the focus away from the bigger problem: There isn’t enough good new country music today. Indeed, we are experiencing a crisis in quality and a dearth of music that will stand the test of time.

Marcia Hillman sat down with CASHBOX for a discussion about her career, her work as a CASHBOX employee in the 50's and Her love of Jazz. Give it a listen here.

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50 Cent lost his sex tape battle and has been ordered to pay $5 million.

The 40-year-old P.I.M.P. rapper has been engaged in a legal war with Lavonia Leviston over the lewd footage, a woman who shares a child with fellow emcee Rick Ross.

Lost B.B. King Master Recordings Found!

This is a history that began in July 1949 when B.B. King recorded four sides for Bullet Records in Nashville.  Miss Martha King was his very first track and was  about his wife. Cashbox didn't review the song but Billboard did in a  unflattering way writing "A low down heavy beat keeps that blues shouting ballad from dying".

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Ben E King: R&B legend dies at 76

Read the heartfelt tribute by CASHBOX shareholder and legendary producer Bob Gallo

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