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Singer/Songwriter Marty Denton Talks About his single "Momma's Wall Of Fame"

So Adele and Justin Bieber are the cyber worlds darlings of todays age. Both have been on the last two CASHBOX and Record World covers from all the hype surrounding their new albums.  Not to say both are not good artists but its time to get really realistic and do some logical thinking.  This new age of cyber media is making instant superstars who last for a short time and make lots of money.  Not too long ago the Adele of 5 years ago Leona Lewis, then Beyonce and several others fell in this category of multi milion acts.  Has anyone heard from Leona lately and if she tried to make a come back, she would be buried by Adele. I'm just using logic here.

Remember from the 40's to 2000 we had Barbra Streisand, Patti Page, Peggy Lee, Diana Ross, Olivia-Newton John and at least 50 more female superstars. Does it make a difference. It sure does. There were no computers or social media and they still did it.  And Judy Garland and Patsy Cline live on forever.
The same with male singers from Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.
So Adele and Justin are media sensations.  If any of us could live another 75 years I'd bet on who outlasted who.

Bruce Elrod

Josie has a great interview with

"The Voice"

Season 6 Runner Up

Jake Worthington

Click to listen to the interview and also to hear a few songs from his new EP

Americana in its most pure form by

Michael Brondstetter

Get Your Proud On!

Singer "Duke” Henry is a former Navy Veteran and proud supporter of the Navy Seal Foundation. He does every benefit he can for the cause of the American Veteran and supports Operation Troop Aid, Wounded Warriors, and is currently setting up his next USO Tour for our Soldiers.

Doug Ranno re-releases "Part Of Me"   a song with a new message for today's world.

Check out Singer-Songwriter Scott Coldren and watch the video of his hit song "Moonshine" 

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Country music singer Frank Owen releases new album "Hello Again".

Watch the video and hear the interview from the album

"She Has Eyes"

Canadian artist Krista Earle is making big moves with her hit single

"Just People"

Down South R&B at it's best

"Just Right Band"

Singer/Songwriter Kenny Lee debuts his new song ripped from today's headlines. Check out

The Trump Card

Every once in a while an artist comes along that is truly special. This is one of those rare artists that combines raw talent with determination to make a statement in the music world. Click the link and check out 16 year old phenom Jacob Cade


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