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 Richard D'Antonio.
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Christian St. James
has been a fixture on the
CASHBOX easy listening charts
with his hit 
"The Coffee Song"
Listen to it here
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Newberry Opera House

After many hours of hard work, Lee Vyborny and Bruce Elrod have added for the first time on the Jukebox of Oldies on the home page, the top 10 yearly charts of Your Hit Parade 1935-1955.
Before we get corrected, yes YHP RAN THROUGH 1958 but 1955 is the cut off year where Vocalist and Bands gave way to Rock and Roll in 1956 which is also available on the POP countdowns. 
We even compiled the very first show from April 20,1935, where the first # 1 song was by Bing Crosby, titled "Soon"
All the tracks played are by the original artist and vocalist in perfect digital Mono. For music buffs this is the first time this has appeared anywhere and they were compiled from Bruce Elrod's book Your Hit Parade & American Top 10 Hits, a best seller for Popular Culture Ink in 1994 and still available in the 3rd and 4th edition at Amazon.

American Tobacco the original compiler of America's first Popular Music Charts based the popularity of the numbers game on sales, sheet music sales and radio.  It was a much different compilation than what we do today.  Sheet Music was a very important barometer in the importance and popularity of the tunes of that era.
We may add three more tracks soon that were bubbling under the top 10 for each year but to find these tunes by the original bands and artist was no Sunday School Picnic., so enjoy music history as it was made during a time when music meant something.  Young people could learn that, music was good and melodies meant beautiful music and it was good.
Also enjoy the Country, Pop, Easy Listening and R&B from 1946 or 1950 and watch the music change from year to year, the evolution of American Pop Culture.

Find the entire collection HERE
and at the top of the page click on YHP. Have fun!
Little Joe Cook  1922-2014

It was the consummate doo-wop record.

The year was 1957. Elvis had his biggest chart hit with "All Shook Up," Dick Clark and "American Bandstand" went national on TV and the biggest most dramatic change in pop music circles -- rock and roll music -- was in full swing thanks also in part to doo-wop songs like this one...

"Peanuts" by Little Joe and the Thrillers epitomized doo-wop. The emphasis was on vocal harmonies, often with nonsensical lyrics but with a melody you could sing along and/or whistle to. Little Joe Cook, who sang lead on "Peanuts," died Tuesday. He was 91. Born in South Philadelphia, Cook formed his own gospel group and turned down a chance to join the legendary Sam Cooke's group, the Soul Stirrers. Instead, he opted to have the Thrillers and "Peanuts." 
 And so what if Cook actually sings "Peanut" in the singular? It's still a classic. 
Five years later in 1962, helped his daughters, Dinell and Delfine form as the Sherrys and have a hit with "Pop Pop Pop-Eyes."

The year 1962 was also the year Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons hit the music scene. Here's how the Four Seasons sounded with the remake of "Peanuts."

Every Sunday night from 9 p.m. to midnight Eastern time, the XM 50's Channel and DJ Cool Bobby B play three hours of doo-wop music, with songs like "Peanuts"" and this one...

And we even had doo-wop ballads like this one...

There is No need to go to half baked sites to learn about and research the history of old time country music.  All you have to do is click 

 The best historical site in the business!

Letters From The Penitentiary 

To show our readers the authenticity of this story we will be sharing images of the letters sent to CASHBOX from Richard D'Antonio. He is writing to us from the penitentiary in Tennessee. Click on the Thumbnail to view.


Our First Correspondence


The Story Continues With Our Second Letter

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Longtime friend of CASHBOX 
Rock legend Tommy James of Tommy James and the Shondells
offers a behind the scenes look at the creative process in the music business, including songwriting, recording and everything involved. Click the picture to visit his page for links to his
 "Inside Tracks" Series.

This is how we looked in the 1950's
Part Seven--Reality Check

 As we near the end of our series we hope that you have enjoyed it. We have attempted to offer insight not only on the unfortunate murder of Kevin Hughes but also on the unscrupulous and manipulative tactics that exploit and scam young artists trying to have their dreams come true. If nothing else we are hopeful that maybe some new evidence may surface to once and for all solve this case "completely". It is no coincidence that as a result of this series the Nashville Police Department has contacted us in hopes of discovering this very evidence. It is out there. Someone knows something and it is time to come forward.

For part seven we have assembled some very informative articles that will help you to see all of the bits and pieces, the dark seedy players across the country and what sheer greed can do.

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