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Jacob Needham and The Blue Trees

with the NEW hit single

Chasing You


Kenny Allen Band

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Guess Who Is Jumping On The Country Music Scene?

Americana in its most pure form by

Michael Brondstetter

Singer "Duke” Henry is a former Navy Veteran and proud supporter of the Navy Seal Foundation. He does every benefit he can for the cause of the American Veteran and supports Operation Troop Aid, Wounded Warriors, and is currently setting up his next USO Tour for our Soldiers.

Check out the new single

Quiet House

By Kurt Shore

Doug Ranno re-releases "Part Of Me"   a song with a new message for today's world.

Check out Singer-Songwriter Scott Coldren and watch the video of his hit song "Moonshine" 

Canadian Country & Blues artist

Frank Tilli

Lights it up with his single

Everywhere I Go

Country music singer Frank Owen releases new album "Hello Again".

Watch the video and hear the interview from the album

"She Has Eyes"

Canadian artist Krista Earle is making big moves with her hit single

"Just People"

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Storms Into The Rock World

Down South R&B at it's best

New York City Delivers

​ Country Music At It's Best With The Smash Single

Forever For Now


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