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When rock and roll music exploded onto the pop music scene in the mid- to late 1950's, one way vocal groups would get a label deal would be singing songs a cappella on street corners, particularly in the Big Apple. Then hope they get discovered. It worked for a group that sang a lot along New York City's Belmont Avenue. They became Dion and the Belmonts.
Plus, throughout the late 50's and early to mid-1960's, we had our share of hits containing nonsensical lyrics...but we didn't care. We just loved the songs.
And it all came back to us at this time in 1976, when this song was cracked the pop Top 40 at #40...

"Street Singin' " by Lady Flash  became a #27 peaking hit on both the main pop charts of the day. Lady Flash never had another Top 40 hit, but they didn't have to. Instead, the group consisting of Lorraine Mazzola, Monica Pege and Debra Byrd sang background on at least seven Barry Manilow albums, mainly from about 1974-1979. They also sang background on many of Barry's concerts. According to Wikipedia, Mazzola was briefly a member for the 60's girl group Reparata and the Delrons while Byrd has been a vocal coach for "American Idol" contestants.
Here's just some of the songs I thought when I listened to "Street Singin" "--"The Shoop Shoop Song" (Betty Everett), "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" (Manfred Mann), "So Fine" (The Fiestas), "The Doolang" (Cleveland's Andrea Carroll), "Hello Stranger" (Barbara Lewis, with the Dells singing the "Sho-Bop" part) and one more song. Listen carefully to "Street Singin'" at the 2:54 mark as the fade begins. I'm featuring it in...

Simply put, time. There are only four sources in music that have extensive archives...and history. No other music charts will ever come close to the American Legends.

If the archives do not come from Your Hit Parade, CASHBOX Magazine, Billboard or Record World you will need to wait about 50 years for them to become relevant. Online Magazines come and go but the legends will never die.

​Several weeks ago CASHBOX Magazine was contacted by Rolling Stone Magazine requesting permission to run one of our charts from 1975 on their back pages section. The issue is out now on news stands and we  plan to work with Rolling Stone Magazine again very soon.

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